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Småskalig hushållning

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Today, we went to Vällingby to buy a horse trailer. Incredible. Two weeks ago, we didn't even own a car. But, relying on public transport doesn't work when you have animals, especially sheep. This one is not exactly a luxury item, but it will work for transporting the sheep back and forth between pastures.

Yesterday, there was a crafts day at the heritage center where people interested in textile crafts were welcome. I participated by spinning wool on a drop spindle and spinning wheel. Others demonstrated flax processing, nalbinding, lace making, and weaving. It turned out very well. We were there from 12 to 4 PM, and during that time, both children and adults came by to learn or try out the crafts. It really had a Skansen vibe!

Here it is!

Flax breaking

The children got to spin small wool bracelets on a drop spindle

Lace making

Me and Gitte


The car didn't break down even once on the way back to Småland! And it was very lucky because Biltema in Malmö was closed due to the IT failure, where we had planned to stop and buy new coolant if necessary.

Yesterday was packed with both wine tasting and hiking. And yes... it was in that order. Since Mats was driving, I got his wine too, hehe. We visited Skepparp's vineyard, one of the earliest wine producers in Sweden. We actually wanted to learn more about growing grapes, but the guided tour focused almost exclusively on the wine itself. We're not particularly interested in that, but the wine was still good!

Afterwards, we parked the car at a hiking trail. It stretched a little more than ten kilometers and parts of it were very twisty, which I like. It almost felt tropical in places. Along the trail is Skåne's largest waterfall, close to Hallemölla mill. Its the second mill we've visited this holiday.

The trail passed an old alum factory

On the way home we bought food to ate by the sea. We had an incredibly beautiful evening.

A beach picture in daylight. We stopped and dipped our feet (sure, it may look exotic but damn, how cold the water is down here!) in Falsterbo before we went home.

And so, Gränna!

Another kind of water. Vättern. Think I prefer lakes to seas, after all.

Here we bought polkagrisar, of course.

Tonight we are staying at Grenna Hotell

Today we visited Mandelmann's farm! When we bought the house, we started following their TV program. In fact, most of what we know today, both in terms of animal husbandry and cultivation, we have them to thank for. It was special to see the farm in real life. All the places - the greenhouses, the plantations, the pastures, etc. - were easily recognisable. However, the farm as a whole is smaller than you get the impression of in the program. We also had time to ask them some questions about how they go about keeping the pests away from the plants. Up early and out late to cut snails, was the answer. So, no miracle solution there.

Ah, and then the car broke down. It made it through half the holiday before the radiator started to fail, or if it's the water pump. Either way it's leaking coolant. We hope it makes it home to Hallstavik, otherwise we have to send it in for repair in Malmö and take the train home.

The lonely tree

Yesterday we visited Ale's stones. An ancient relic of the type of shipwreck. At this point, we have both been there countless times.


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