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First Post and Mid-Summer

Updated: Jul 10

July, and so far we have managed both Almedalsveckan on Gotland and Midsummer in Dalarna. The past few days have been spent trying to catch up on gardening, the sheep's facilities (i.e., building a rain shelter), and other household chores.

Our water heater started leaking a few weeks ago, but since we haven't been home, it has been left as it is. I mean, it's just a few drops per minute, so no catastrophe. However, it's an annoying expense during vacation time!

On the gardening front, things are going relatively well. But that doesn't mean it's time to lie down in the hammock! A feeling I likely share with many other gardeners at this time of the season is always being one step behind. There's always some weed (despite mulching) that has spread too much, some plant still stuck in its pot, or new pests that have appeared. And then there's the watering that needs to be done. Somehow, everything usually works out in the end (around August), and the harvest gets overwhelming instead. Perhaps it takes a few years of experience to recognize the pattern...

Since this is my first post, here is a small collection of pictures from June, as a sort of kickoff.

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