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Updated: Jul 11

Ever since we had some sort of summer celebration at work in mid-June, it feels like my brain has gone into vacation mode. After 3 PM, it’s practically impossible to do anything productive, whether it’s work, gardening, or household chores. The worst was the week after Almedalen. We both lived in a kind of fatigue haze that wouldn’t go away. But next week, the real vacation begins! We’re heading to Nässjö to visit my family, then to Ystad to stay at an old inn for a week. We've bought a car, so we plan to take day hikes around Österlen. One day, we’ve also booked a visit to Mandelmann's farm, of course.

My former Skansen colleague Osva and her husband will be staying at the house while we're away. The sheep, however, will be moved to new pasture before then. They’ve been in the garden for a while now, and the food is running out. Tonight, we’re going to prepare by setting up a fence.

Below are some pictures from the garden and crops. Everything is growing so well!



Kitchen garden

Potato land

Also potato land


Cabbage land

The Greenhouse

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